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''The Alan Young Show'' - 18 April 1950

Published 1950

An episode of the comedy-variety series "The Alan Young Show". Highlights include the closing sketch, which features William Frawley. Also of note is a song performance by Monica Lewis. Lowlights include the rather odd "Reading of the Will" sketch.

Run time 29:15
Production Company CBS Television Network
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: Cherlin's Internet - - October 18, 2014
Subject: For THe Alan Young Show from 1950
I loved watching this even more than I loved watching Mister Ed The Talking Horse.

I loved watching them dance the Charleston and all the other funny things. I have now saved this to my favorites.

If anyone should happen to see this note and know where I could purchase a DVD or whatever of this show from April of 1950 please let me know


or calling me at